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We think about the creative process as a way to restore harmony with nature through the awareness of tradition.

The love for the genuine authenticity of the watercolor character pushed us to retrace the ancient trade routes beaten by the civilizations of the past, the lost secrets of the first alchemists, up to the medieval treatises, the palettes of the Renaissance and the modern age.


For our watercolors we choose only the best pure pigments from the world: natural earths and authentic minerals, dyeing plant lacquers and the most famous ancient and modern artificial pigments processed according to traditional recipes.  

Our colors are strictly single pigment. We love to preserve everyone's historical identity, purity, without altering its original characteristics.


Della Magna watercolors are entirely handmade. We produce them in small quantities to ensure the highest quality of each pan.

We use an artisanal binder based on the best Kordofan gum arabic from Sudan, local acacia honey, vegetable glycerin and natural essential oil as a preservative.

© 2023 by Della Magna Watercolors

Della Magna Watercolors

Via Gioacchino Rossini 58 - 52028 Terranuova, AR

P.IVA 02461640514

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