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Genuine Cochineal Carmine



Genuine Cochineal Carmine

  • Cochineal Lake Carmine, genuine.


    NR 4


    lightfastness 5/8

    Granulation: no


    Very intense natural carmine obtained from the dye extracted from the female of the insect Dactylopius coccus. unlike other reds this beautiful crimson maintains a particular vividness even when dry.

    Cochineal is an insect from Central America already known by pre-Columbian civilizations which they used as a dye for fabrics. In medieval Europe it was preferred to Chermes, less intense, in the most valuable works. In Florence in the early 1400s Cochineal cost double the classic Crimisi. It is the dye used since that time for cardinals' robes and which gave its red to the uniforms of the English royal guards.
    Cochineal lacquers and dyes inevitably fell into disuse in the 19th century with the invention of synthetic Alizarin, which was less expensive and had better light resistance.

    Acquerelli Della Magna wanted to rediscover this natural carmine produced according to the authentic lacquering recipe so as to light up the contemporary palette of a red steeped in tradition.

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