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Genuine Dragon's Blood Sumatra


Genuine Dragon's Blood Sumatra

  • NR 31


    Lightfastness 4/8

    Granulation: medium


    Vegetal watercolor made with vegetal powdered resin from Dracaena Cinnabari.


    Dragon's Blood is obtained from some tropical plant species such as Dracaena Cinnabari. They are literally 'wounded' by making incisions from which a red resin comes out, ranging from shades of vermilion to brownish red.  In ancient times, the Dragon's Blood arrived in the Mediterranean basin from the African island of Socotra. Due to its color, the Romans often confused it with Cinnabar. It was used as incense, tincture and to heal wounds due to its coagulating properties. From the seventeenth century the master luthiers used it for the paints with which they finished the bowed instruments. It is still used today in the lacquering of certain musical instruments, in the restoration of furniture and picture frames. In neo-pagan magic, seals, talismans and spells are written with this red. In art we wanted to make  its ruddy drops imbued with charm, authentic watercolor.



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