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Genuine Han Dynasty Blue


Genuine Han Dynasty Blue

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  • Han Dyanstie Blue Genuine.

    Lightfastness 8/8
    Granulation: high

    This ancient blue has a fascinating purple tone. and it's produced according an historical recipe: It was invented in China about 2600 years ago. The similarity with the Egyptian blue is probably not a coincidence, because already in the time of the pharaohs, caravans of merchants connected East Asia to the Nile delta and the Mediterranean, also transporting pigments. The Chinese managed to recreate that blue from afar by replacing natron and calcium-rich sands, not common in their lands, with barite. The Han Blue of Watercolors Della Magna is a single pigment color produced according to the authentic recipe based on barite, sand and Malachite, handed down over the centuries.

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