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Genuine Indian Indigo


Genuine Indian Indigo

  • NB1


    Lightfastness 6/8

    Granulation: no


    Gorgeus vegetal neutral deep blue watercolor composed of natural genuine indigo: it's obtained from the youngest and highest leaves of the Indigofera Tinctorium from India. They are worked according to the laborious traditional process that has been handed down for millennia.

    Indigo has been used since ancient times in painting and for dyeing fine fabrics. It is assumed the presence on a cloak of Thebes dated 3000 BC and hemmed the bandages of certain Egyptian mummies.

    Pliny writes that indog it is second only to the purple of Tyre in value. It came from the East in the form of hardened pastel: the Romans believed it to be a mineral like Lapis Lazuli. Because its greater intensity, Indigo has supplanted woad in the dyeing art in Europe since the seventeenth century.

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