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 Genuine Weld Lake (Reseda Luteola)

Genuine Weld Lake (Reseda Luteola)

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  • NY2

    Lightfastness: 5/8


    Tinting strenght: medium/low

    Granulation: light/medium


    Watercolor based on vegetal pigment extracted from Reseda Luteola, a plant that grows spontaneously in much of Europe. Its lemon yellow is due to luteolin, a coloring flavinoid contained in leaves and flowers.


    Known as Guadarella, Biondella, Amorino, its resistant and luminous yellow has been used since ancient times as a colorant in the dyeing of fabrics and as painting pigment and in miniature of books known by the name of Arzica, it was mentioned in many medieval treatises in which recipes for its production are noted.

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