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Genuine Red Jasper


Genuine Red Jasper

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    lightfastness 8/8

    Granulation: high


    Della Magna tries to draw on the purest drop of this mystical 'blood' so that it can impregnate the paper with a bit of that primordial magic kept in the womb of the world. To do this we only use a fine authentic red Jasper powder combined with our artisan binder made up of only the best natural ingredients.


    Red Jasper is a quartz of volcanic origin with ferrous microcrystalline inclusions that give it the typical brick red color. Many ancient civilizations throughout history have considered Red Jasper a stone with magical, protective and healing properties. Its virtues have been extolled over the centuries by the most famous doctors, magicians, poets, scientists and scholars. In the Bible, it was considered a direct gift from God and would be the first foundation stone of the New Jerusalem. The ancient Egyptians considered it the blood of the Goddess Isis and carved amulets for the dead. For Native Americans, Red Jasper was the Blood of Mother Earth and was referred to as a healing and rebirth stone.

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